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It was a busy weekend for Overwatch at Blizzcon

All the Overwatch news from Blizzcon

Overwatch had a pretty big weekend at Blizzcon. Blizzard’s favourite esport got some love this weekend with four major announcements related to the game. We got a tear-jerking Reinhardt short, a new map, new hero, and new skins coming in the near future.

Reinhardt - The Hero We Deserve

Blizzard is well known for their cinematics, and the latest short to come from the Blizzard Studios features our favourite tank - Reinhardt.

We see a young Reinhardt in Germany, alongside the rest of the Crusaders and his commander, Balderich von Adler, who is set to join the Overwatch team. While showing off his over-zealous attitude and fearless lust for battle, Reinhardt is then faced with an impending Omnic attack which immediately shows his lack of experience on the battlefield. He’s reprimanded and told to head back to shield and protect his unit but is soon engaged in a battle with a rather large Omnic force.

Reinhardt gets injured and Balderich returns to help him. Overrun with Omnics, Balderich orders Reinhardt to return and take his place in the Overwatch team before the commander puts up one last valiant effort before falling - thus giving us the setting Eichenwalde.

Blizzardworld - New Map

Blizzardworld is a new map which was announced Blizzard this past weekend at Blizzcon. It was playable throughout the weekend, but won’t arrive on live servers until early 2018. According to Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan, the map will be available on the PTR “very, very soon.”

The map is a Blizzard theme park featuring some of Blizzard’s most memorable games. World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Starcraft and Hearthstone all make up some exciting features in Blizzardworld, and it’s really awesome! It will be a hybrid map and will take you on a nostalgic journey through the World of Blizzard.

Moira - A New Hero Joins Overwatch

Reinhardt’s short wasn’t the only cinematic we were treated to this weekend. Blizzard also unveiled Moira, a new healer/DPS character coming to the world of Overwatch.

She’s a scientist with ties to Talon and Reaper’s dark past who seems mad enough to be a damage dealer but has the capability to heal her allies. Using yellow and purple energy (or liquid?) she either heals or damages. She can also fade in and out of the shadows making her quite mobile and fun. Her ultimate ability looks like a combination of her healing and damage which bursts out in a beam of energy which either damages or heals. Bottom-line, she looks amazing.

New Skins!

Finally, our last bit of hype from Blizzcon, were new skins tying into the Blizzardworld map. These skins pay homage to all Blizzard games, featuring Diablo, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft.

Below are my favourite pics:

That’s it from Overwatch. What are you most excited about?