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Thank goodness for CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED throw some shade over pay-to-play

Everyone’s favourite developer, CD Projekt RED, caused some concern last week when the CEO Adam Kiciński discussed their upcoming title with a Polish Investment site. Cyberpunk 2077 is the latest gaming coming from the Polish developer, known for their success in the Witcher series, especially Witcher 3.

In the interview, Adam discussed elements which would ensure the game's longevity, and with the ongoing drama surrounding microtransactions, fans immediately took a step back. Luckily for us, CD Projekt RED immediately took to Twitter to rectify any concerns.

They threw some necessary shade at other developers who rely heavily on loot boxes, crates, and microtransactions for their business. Some naturally don’t need it, having huge titles behind them, but who doesn’t want more money? Seeing as though Electronic Arts have dominated the news in the past week, it’s obvious that the shade was aimed at them, but thankfully we can look forward to paying for what we get with CD Projekt RED, and Cyberpunk 2077 is already looking really good.