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CS:GO Major Patch and Operation Hydra Details
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive received a whole army of updates with the launch of the latest patch, which included the highly anticipated Operation Hydra.
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CS:GO Major Patch and Operation Hydra Details

The latest operation features all-new Operation Hydra Events, which see twists on the classic game rules, and which are playable on a set of new and returning community maps, available for casual and competitive modes. But wait, there’s more! A full Guardian Mission campaign, an Operation Coin ugradable to the new Diamond level, an Operation Journal with friends leaderboards, the opportunity to gain extra XP, Operation weapon drops, and the all new Operation Hydra Case.

Hydra Events are unique game modes that are available for a week at a time. There are three Hydra Events: War Games, Wingman, and Weapons Expert. These events are available to all CS:GO players.

In addition, Operation Hydra All Access Pass holders will be able to earn additional XP and make progress toward an upgraded coin and item drops. Come back each week to see what’s new!

The Patch Notes

  • Enable competitive friends leaderboards, scorecards, Hydra Campaign Guardian Missions, and War Games Event XP support on Perfect World official servers.
  • Prevent procedural placement of spawn points in locations where players would be stuck.
  • War Games maps now change every day.
  • Fix a bug where suicides could sometimes count towards the objective in Guardian missions.
  • Fix a bug in “Any Pistol” Guardian missions that prevented CZ75-Auto kills from counting towards the objective.
  • Fixed a bug where Guardian journal would show wrong target kill amounts on certain missions
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to buy between waves in extremely long Guardian rounds.
  • Fixed numbering of players in competitive spectator HUD to have increasing numbers from top to bottom for both teams.
  • Fixed max round loss bonus regression.


  • Added npc clips to prevent bots falling in the water.

Operation Hydra is set to run for 18 weeks and will include game modes and experiences that are free for all CS:GO players, as well as extra features available with an Operation Hydra All-Access Pass.

Free in this Operation: All CS:GO players can play Hydra Events, special game modes, and experiences that are available on a three-week rotation throughout the operation. Additionally, all CS:GO players will be able to play the seven Operation Maps in Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch game modes.

If you have an Operation Hydra All-Access Pass you’ll get access to an Operation Challenge Coin (upgradable to the new Diamond level), an Operation Journal that will track your competitive stats and let you compare your progress to friends, Operation weapon drops and Operation Hydra Cases, and a campaign of Guardian missions that can be completed at your own pace.

For more details visit the Official Operation Page.