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All players will receive a free Helmet and Emblem on launch

EA DICE apologize for delayed launch of BF5

If you’ve been keeping track, we’ve already missed the release deadline for Battlefield 5. Originally set for October 19th, the latest Battlefield has been pushed back a by a month and set to release on November 20th. Some would argue this is a smart move given the bugs and issues surrounding their biggest competitor – Call of Duty.

Electronic Arts DICE General Manager, Oskar Gabrielson made the announcement via Twitter that the release date has been moved to November 20th 2018 to allow the developers to amend any bugs and changes put forward by feedback during the beta.

Today we were going to launch #BattlefieldV, but as you know we pushed the release a month to get extra time for polish and act on all the feedback you’ve given us. You've been super patient with us and as a token of our appreciation, our team built a small gift. Check it out!

It was a successful beta as well. This is, in my opinion, a smart move by EA and DICE as releasing a title like Battlefield with bugs can only damage the games reputation in the long run.

To apologize for this delay, EA DICE are giving all players a free Oscar Mike Helmet and Emblem in-game on release, seen below:

Claiming the free items is easy. All players need to do is log into the EA accounts and accept the notification which pops up and receive their items.


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