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Don't worry, they're coming back eventually.

EA temporarily removes Battlefront 2 microtransactions

In what will be remembered as one of the internet’s biggest victories, publisher Electronic Arts have decided to temporarily remove Star Wars Battlefront 2’s premium currency, Crystals, after an extremely rocky launch. EA did, however, mention that these microtransactions will return to the game in the future once the system has been tweaked a bit. It was still a massive victory as Star Wars Battlefront 2 dominated social media before and after launch, and not in a good way.

Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE announced last week, with a sincere apology.

If you couldn’t follow the news, or were away from technology for quite some time, the issue which gamers had was that players could purchase Crystals and heroes in the game where some would cost up to $80. Sure, you could play the game and earn Crystals, but that would take you ages. How long? Well, one Redditor determined that buying everything would cost you around $2100, or 4500 hours of gameplay. That is, of course, with Battlefront 2’s cool down on Crystals in Arcade Mode.

It’s an odd move from EA and DICE to remove the microtransactions before launch. The criticism they received from gamers, some who cancelled pre-orders and boycotted the game, which inevitably affected their revenue, and now removing the one thing that could still generate revenue. Regardless, gamers are still playing, but reviews have been coming in with relatively low scores, and that’s pointing to a much bigger problem with the game’s progression and actual campaigns.