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Test your relationships with the hardest game, ever.

Overcooked will test your relationships

Gaming with your significant other is often an exciting ordeal. Whether you’re playing something competitive, grinding through dungeons, and just enjoying a story together, it’s always a great experience sharing your passion. From time to time you might get a bit annoyed with each other, but nothing can prepare your relationship for Overcooked.

Overcooked seems harmless when you first look at it. It’s a fun cooking game where you control chefs and have to prepare meals for your patrons with a short timer. You’re tasked with preparing, plating, serving and washing which sounds very doable… except it’s not. Hell can break loose at a moment's notice and your kitchen can end up on fire.

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The fact of the matter is, Overcooked was designed with the intent of truly testing your relationships whether it be with friends, family, or partners. At any given time, my partner and I are able to play for about 15 minutes before we’re at each other’s throats blaming one another for messing up the orders and setting the kitchen on fire. You collide with each other, and miss orders until shifting blame becomes the name of the game as you progress through the story and that’s where it gets even harder.

Overcooked has a storyline, and you’re playing through chapters which unlock higher levels the more points you get. Different kitchen scenarios have new challenges like moving vehicles, rocking ships, pedestrians and the nearly impossible rats stealing your food. As you progress, the meals become more intricate and the stages become more intense and it’s only a matter of time before the true nature of your relationship is tested.

With that in mind, Overcooked is easily one of the hardest games I’ve ever played, but it is a ton of fun. It will make your relationships stronger and the game is all about teamwork at the highest level. Once you get into the swing of it you’ll notice how much closer it can bring you together, but be warned - this game can cause a break-up.