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Team uniforms and a spectator overhaul are coming ahead of Blizzcon

Overwatch is getting some changes ahead of Blizzcon

Spectators are possibly the most important factor in esports. Sure, there are the teams, the players, the actual game itself, but if you keep the fans happy, you’re on the right track.

Yesterday Blizzard released a video titled “Behind the Scenes: Evolving Overwatch Esports.” The video showcased some upcoming changes to the game ahead of Blizzcon and the Overwatch World Cup. This weekend, the Overwatch World Cup reaches its final stages with teams from all around the world competing for glory - and the big news is that they will be wearing in-game team uniforms.

Home Uniforms - Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Away Uniforms - Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

These changes aren’t limited to the appearance of characters used by different countries, but also include changes to abilities and player avatars.

The video, which included passionate developers and commentators, touched on some other much-needed changes coming to the spectator client. Listed below are some important updates coming to Overwatch for the World Cup.

Instant Replays

Commentators and spectators will be able to go back to any major action, or multi-kill, with the new instant replay function. Overwatch is an extremely fast-paced game so missing a kill (or kills) happens too often. With this new tool, the spectator can go back, slow down and pause the replay to discuss anything that may have happened during the big play.

Third-Person Smart Camera

Sometimes it’s great to see what’s happening around a character when following them. Seeing their accuracy and awareness in first-person is always great, but following their actual movements and noting their surroundings is a great tool for spectators and commentators.

Top-down Map View

Being able to see the entire map, and where every player is, is something which every spectator needs. This gives a great overview of the entire map where you can see strategies and plays unfolding before they do. The Top-down Map View is something we see in a number of esports and it’s definitely something that Overwatch needs.


Finally, spectators and commentators will be treated to real-time statistics of players and teams in the Overwatch World Cup. This will aid track and created stories for teams allowing us to see who is performing and who isn’t. These can also be used for analytical discussions when looking at players, teams, maps, heroes, and more.