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FIve new screenshots and datamined images from the upcoming PUBG desert map

PUBG's desert map gets 5 new screenshots

PUBG Corp. has treated us to five new screenshots for their new, upcoming, desert map. We’ve seen some screenshots before, and with every update, the map looks more and more beautiful.

The map has been teased for a few months now, and what we’ve been seeing is a vast desert landscape with a few little city settlements and some vast open areas for those awesome sniping shots. There’s also a mountain range, which is always great, but one thing is for certain - this map is going to be a lot of fun.

A user on Reddit also datamined the upcoming patch revealing new vehicles, a jetski and a new gun. These images are still work-in-progress, but elude some very cool changes coming to the map. There’s a VW-esque camper which will more than likely be slow, but fun to drive. The new rifle is titled “DP28” which is a mounted machine gun from the Soviets.

The images which were datamined will most likely change, as they were taken off the test server. However, they are a somewhat good indication of what’s coming.