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These are our top five ranked skins for Halloween

We rank Overwatch's Halloween skins

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is back, and with it comes some of the favourite skins we’ve been saving for all year. The Halloween event, and Junkenstein’s Revenge, are two of the most highly anticipated events on the Overwatch calendar. The game mode is great, but what’s even better are the skins which players can use to change the appearance of their characters. They’re all great in their own way, but there are a few which are undoubtedly better than others. We’ve chosen our top five.

5. Cultist Zenyatta

Resembling Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean, Cultist Zenyatta comes in at number five. Our criteria for ranking it a bit all over the place, but what makes Cultist so great is that you can still see some of Zenyatta’s more signature qualities including his orbs around his neck (which he uses) and his somewhat calming stance in a position of Zen.

4. Dragon Symmetra

Symmetra, or better known as the microwave, sports a totally different look for Halloween making her somewhat terrifying in her new appearance. She looks a bit less like a Dragon and more like a Qunari from Dragon Age, in my opinion, but nonetheless she looks incredible and will undoubtedly be annoying and feared with this skin active.

3. Witch Mercy

What would a Halloween themed skin ranking be without Mercy the Witch. Probably one of the most sought after skins, the Mercy Witch skin turns her staff into a broomstick and gives us all the true feel for Halloween. While she looks like she’s entering a Halloween competition with a flawless look, she maintains her almost harmless appearance as everyone’s favourite support.

2. Junkenstein’s Monster Roadhogg

This is a special one as it comes with an honourable mention of Dr. Junkenstein. Roadhogg and Junkratt are two bandits from Australia and once again they’ve come as a pair to this year’s Halloween party.

Dr. Junkenstein, who looks like Doc from Back to the Future, deserves an honourable mention and places these two characters at the number two spot.

1. Van Helsing McCree

Okay, this is a somewhat biased opinion, but I just love the Van Helsing story and I’m a huge McCree fan. The Van Helsing McCree is perfectly fit and probably one of the most recognizable crossovers (other than our number two spot) in the Halloween event. Van Helsing’s only job is killing bad things (mostly monsters/demons) which makes him the perfect Halloween dresser this event.

The Halloween Event has been running since October 10th and it’s unclear, at this stage, when it will end. However, you can enjoy the new Arcade Modes and some bonus XP while collecting some of the pumpkin themed loot crates in the mean time.