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It's time to relive your gaming nightmares - a Halloween special

Who are the scariest enemies in gaming?

It’s the 31st of October and that means it’s time to remember the characters in our favourite video games who kept us awake at night or sent us flying off our chairs. Watching a scary movie is one thing, but being the master of your own will while fighting your way through enemies in a video game can deliver the ultimate scare. But, who are the most memorable evil characters in games who we still can’t get out of our nightmares?

This list involves characters, bosses, and villains from some of our favourite titles and some lesser known ones in games which some of us dare not play!


What’s a list without Slenderman, the game which dominates almost every single YouTube scare series for gaming? He’s a mythological creature who has featured in “creepypasta” stories and eventually developed into one of the scariest games ever. He stalks, abducts and traumatizes people, especially children. He takes the top spot, by far, as the scariest thing in gaming.

The Witch - Left for Dead

“DO NOT STARTLE THE WITCH” cried every player taking part in Left For Dead and Left for Dead 2. She’s particularly scary, not only because of the way she looks but the fact that you know she’s there. You hear her sobbing and if it’s your first time encountering her you may want to head on over and see if it’s someone who needs assistance. Should you encounter her, the poor soul who startles her will realize the mistake they made. In the original Left for Dead she remained in her spot, but with the sequel, she would charge at you and destroy you or your party. She’s a wretched woman in a post-apocalyptic world and honestly is terrifying.

Pyramid Head - Silent Hill

Silent Hill, in its own right, is a major scarefest. Part of me is quite happy that Silent Hills, which had a terrifying Playable Teaser, was cancelled by Konami. While we escaped sleepless nights with Silent Hills, Pyramid Head from the original game still rings torment in many. What makes him so scary? Well, the fact that he has a massive Pyramid Head made of metal with sharp edges, he also wields a massive blade which looks like an elongated butcher’s cleaver. His design is one aspect, but how he interacts with you is something which will always leave shivers down my spine. He’s passive for a while and when you do finally take him on it’s best advised that you do it in a well-lit room, preferably daylight, surrounded by family and friends and a fresh pair of underwear.

Alma Wade - F.E.A.R

Aren't little girls scary? Not really? Wrong, very wrong. Alma, a recurring character in F.E.A.R will always be remembered for sparking fear of little girls with dark hair after her introduction in the first F.E.A.R game. She first reminded me of the girl from The Ring or the creeping dark-haired girl from The Grudge. However, Alma’s abilities and her appearance are what stuck with many players throughout the F.E.A.R series. She’s a psychic and would cause carnage wherever she went. Her most defining moment, which is cemented in the Horror Hall of Fame, was when she destroyed an entire army with her abilities leaving blood all over the floor - similar to how Dr Manhattan would vaporize his enemies in The Watchmen movie and comics.

There are a number of other characters who scared the pants off us. Some honourable mentions would have to be Dead Space, the Resident Evil franchise, Dying Light, pretty much every DOOM, and even Half-Life’s headcrabs. Horror games are great fun, and on this Halloween, we hope you revisit those nightmares.