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Energy Esports claimed the ultimate goal in the Telkom VS Gaming Dota 2 Cup.
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Energy Esports claims the final honours

The squad began their journey in the first stage of the Cup, where 40 teams had been divided into groups of five. Energy Esports qualified for the elimination stage, after strong performances against both Odyssey Esports and the 5Stack team in the group stage.

The sixteen-team elimination stage is a grueling gauntlet of do-or-die matches, where teams are eliminated the moment they lose a match. With big names, such as Sinister 5, DUC, White Rabbit Gaming & Exdee staging their own campaigns, Energy Esports had an answer for every opponent they faced.

Energy first dismissed the Frostbyte team (2-0), who had put up a respectable fight. Meanwhile, in a match next door, DUC further proved their quality as they defeated White Rabbit Gaming.

Sinister 5, who started on the opposite side of the elimination bracket, dealt a deadly blow to the Exdee teams’ plans, knocking the team out of the tournament.

DUC would soon fall to a similar fate, as the Energy Esports team shoved them right on out of the event, ensuring the Energy Esport squad would contest the grand final match against Sinister 5.

The grand final, in true Dota 2 style, was a five-map affair, where both teams pushed the limits and traded blows, map by map, until Energy Esports sealed the deal to take the series, and ultimately, the prizes too.

First Place, winning R8000:

Energy Esports

Represented by: Jappa, Adamstam, TKC, Depe, Soup, Mental, Welp, KChicktay, Happy & Enchated Mango.

Second Place, winning R4000:

Sinister 5

Represented by: Doom Bunni, Castaway, MD, Schlinks, Its Yoda, Dota and Die, Aghanim, Grove & MrBeckerling.

Third Place, winning R2000:


Represented by: BEE, Remedy, Taigaa, Berend Biceps, Joonade, Nikky, Skeenhound, Jeric & Ridditz.