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Telkom VS Gaming Masters Finals
Bravado Gaming, Goliath Gaming, DNMK & Sinister 5 duel it out, as we discover who the 2021 Master will be.
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The Masters Final Approaches

The Telkom VS Gaming Masters is South Africas largest Counter-Strike Global Offensive Tournament, with over 150 Semi-Professional teams competing for their share of the R230,000 prize pool. 

The Masters began in February 2021 over the course of three legs teams battled it out for promotion to better-ranked divisions. 

Sixteen teams then entered into the Masters Qualifiers, where the field was once more narrowed down to just four teams. 

Bravado Gaming and DNMK demolished their opposition, and are now booked to face each other, gun to gun, on the 24th of September. 

Sinister 5 and Goliath Gaming fought their way up through the lower-bracket, where they had to survive an onslaught of teams who each made their last effort to stay in the tournament. GG and Sin5 will face one another on the 24th of September. The survivor will play again on the 25th of September against the loser of the match between BVD and DNMK.

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  • First Place: R 110 000
  • Second Place: R 55 000
  • Third Place: R 25 000
  • Fourth Place: R10 000
  • Fifth Place: R8 000
  • Sixth Place: R7 000
  • Seventh Place: R5 000
  • Eighth Place: R5 000