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VS Gaming
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Take a look at what VS Gaming has in store for you this weekend
VS Gaming

It's a busy weekend for VS Gaming at rAge

The annual rAge expo is one of the biggest gaming events on our local calendar. Each year, tens of thousands of gaming fans descend on the Ticket-Pro Dome for three days of gaming, technology, gadgets, esports and geek lifestyle entertainment.

VS Gaming and rAge are synonymous with gaming entertainment, hosting the Digital Gaming Championship for nine years and bringing the esports action to the main floor for the second consecutive year with the VS Gaming Masters. However, VS Gaming is more than just a league, more than just a sponsor. We are the torchbearers of a global movement who dares to be better and this year we want to invite all gamers and non-gamers alike into our galaxy of all things geek.

VS Gaming has a number of events taking place this year at the rAge expo. We’re launching our new online shop with a once-off pop-up store on the rAge floor. As mentioned above, the VS Gaming CS:GO Masters will be taking place on our main stage near Entrance 1 which will feature 8 of South Africa’s top CS:GO teams competing for R550 00.

Downstairs the Digital Gaming Championships will feature eight titles and over 400 gamers competing for a total prize pool for R220 000.

This year VS Gaming will be trying something new:  a real-life loot raid at rAge that will earn you awesome instant prizes and ridiculous discounts on the coolest gaming gear from the online VS Gaming store.

How to take part

  1. Visit the VS Gaming website for the LootRage details and follow our social media for more information

  2. Attend rAge and be approached by one of our promoters giving the details of the competition and lending you a hand if needed.

  3. Register as a looter on via mobile

  4. Find the 20 hidden loot crates around rAge.

  5. Enter the unique crate codes in the mobisite until all 20 are entered. 19 Will be at fixed locations, with the 20th loot crate being a roaming one.

  6. Find all 20 Loot Crates and claim your spot prizes from the VS Gaming stand using a unique redemption code given on the application.

  7. Once you’ve redeemed your spot prize you will be entered into the grand prize draw.

Please read our Terms and Conditions. 

We will have a stats board that gets displayed on the big screens of the VS Gaming stand – that will show which of the crates have been found the most and which of the crates are still elusive.  We will then introduce Facebook Live to help our gamers find the elusive / hidden crates.

The VS Gaming experience is taking on a whole new meaning at this year’s rAge expo. You do not want to miss this.