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Worlds Adrift
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Bossa Studios today announced that Worlds Adrift, their upcoming sandbox MMO, has entered into limited Closed Beta.
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Sandbox MMO Worlds Adrift Enters Closed Beta

Following Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, Worlds Adrift represents the acclaimed London-based studio’s most ambitious project to date. Built with Improbable’s SpatialOS technology, Bossa Studios is able to deliver a truly unique MMO with massive in-game scale and complexity. Players will team up to design and build their very own custom sky-ships piece by piece. They will be masters of their own destiny, becoming scavengers, explorers or heroic captains of the skies in a vast open world with a scale and complexity that has never been achieved before in the MMO genre.

MMO newcomers and veterans alike will want to check out the brand new cinematic introduction to understand Bossa Studios’ vision and unique approach for Worlds Adrift.

Check out the Cinematic trailer below:

To become a founder, those interested in the Worlds Adrift closed beta can purchase a Founder’s Pack. Backers can choose from the following packs:

  • Wanderer tier for $34.99 (+-R452)
  • Explorer tier for $54.99 (+-R710)
  • Captain tier for $64.99 (+-R839)

Each tier comes with varying levels of exclusive content. In addition to a game key and immediate closed beta access, each Founder’s Pack contains several exclusive in-game items, a digital copy of the game’s original soundtrack, access to the future test server, and in-game currency.

“The history of multiplayer launches is bleached with the bones of games crumbling under the weight of their communities trying to log in all at once on day one, and having a terrible experience with unavailable servers for weeks afterwards,” said Henrique Olifiers, Co-Founder of Bossa Studios. “We want to take a different road instead, ensuring that every player of Worlds Adrift has the best possible first contact with the game. We’ll offer the Founders’ Packs in batches throughout the Closed Beta period, always keeping an eye on how the game is behaving, until such time that we’re ready to open the doors to the entire community in the certainty that everyone will have a seamless experience with Worlds Adrift. This might not be the best commercial approach in the short term, but it will be the best for players in the long run – and that’s what matters most for the Worlds Adrift team.”

For more information go to the Worlds Adrift website, and follow the game on Facebook and Twitter.